CommonLounge LMS

A Learning Management System for everyone

Commonlounge LMS is the next-generation learning management system designed from the ground up.

Get started with our powerful and easy-to-use creation tools that allow you to create courses quickly — complete with tutorials, screencasts, assessments and projects.

Assign the courses to groups of employees and track their performance with our Powerful Analytics Suite.

Easy, Fast, Flexible

To create and consume

The knowledge centers in your company already have too much on their hands — compared to shooting videos, our courses are much easier, flexible and faster to create with our patented AutoVideo technology. Our unique approach takes the burden out of running internal trainings at your organization.

CommonLounge just works across all platforms. Our phone and tablet apps let your workforce engage with the bite-sized trainings and assessments anywhere on-the-go.

How it works?

1. Onboard your organization

Our simple onboarding flow allows you to integrate with SAML 2.0 based identity management systems (like Okta) and automatically creates groups based on employees’ departments.

2. Create your own courses

Commonlounge’s powerful course creation tools let you write tutorials, create quizzes and design projects. Some popular topics we have seen other companies create internal courses for: Employee Onboardings, Sales processes, Engineering Setup, etc.

3. Assign courses to teams

You can also create custom, smaller groups and assign them courses. For instance, create a group for budding individual contributors who want to transition to a managerial role and assign them courses on managerial best practices.

4. Track and monitor

Get detailed statistics around Adoption, Activity and Completions in a simple, yet powerful Admin Dashboard.

5. Set up smart notifications

Make sure you stay on top of Learning & Development activities of your organization. For instance, get a notification when a set of employees complete an assigned course.

6. Get weekly reports

Get beautiful weekly pdf reports with relevant employee learning insights delivered straight to your inbox. Of course, you can also make your own with our CSV data exports.

Interactive Demo

Built for Enterprises

1. Create your own internal courses
Creating internal training courses private to your organization is as easy as publishing a blog post. Reduce the number of onboarding sessions a new hire has to sit through by teaching a departments’ internal processes, or make sure your Sales team stays updated with the latest product roadmap.

2. Groups, Assignments and Analytics
Assign courses you create to entire departments or custom subgroups in one go. Track progress and performance of your employees on the assigned courses using our powerful Analytics Suite.

3. Fair Billing Policy
We don't charge you for an employee who becomes inactive because we don't think that's fair. When someone you've already paid for becomes inactive, we’ll add a prorated credit to your account for the unused time.

Powerful Analytics

Monitor Effectively

1. Adoption

Track what percentage of your team is using Commonlounge, how often they are using it, and what they are learning.

2. Activity

View a summary of what each employee is learning and how they are doing.

3. Course Insights

Track progress on courses you’ve assigned to groups. Get notified when groups complete an assigned training.

Popular Use Cases

Sales Teams
Make the sales team more effective at selling your products. Engineering teams can easily document complex workflows and features with our flexible course creation tools. Simply update the course after a major release and assignees will get notified of new content.

Team Onboardings
No hire loves to sit through sessions on Day 1 — let them do what they’re best at, on their own schedule. Assign them internal tranings, and monitor their progress over time. Onbording in now a cinch!

HR Orientations
Values, vision, mission, goals. These are not just words — these make the glue that holds your company together. Make sure every employee knows and understands why you do what you do, and how you do it.

Third-party Integrations

(Coming Soon)

1. SAML 2.0 based Single-Sign On (SSO)
Streamline your employee on-boarding and login experience using SSO tools like Okta that your organization already uses.

2. Course and Reporting APIs
Track employees’ enrollments and drill down into tutorial/project completions and quiz scores in your current Learning Management System.

3. Reports and Data Exports
Get weekly pdf reports with relevant employee learning insights delivered straight to your inbox, or make your own with our CSV data exports.

Get in touch

We love working with Learning & Development teams. Even if you’re not ready to make a switch yet, we would love to give you a demo and learn more about your needs.